WassUp at the Wassenberg Art Center

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Voices cannot be Silenced

Hope Wallace - Thursday, April 16, 2015

A generation of people can be wiped out in myriads of unspeakable ways. It is the art that speaks for them long after their voices fall silent. Discoveries buried underground, brought to light after centuries of darkness tell us what was. Art is our fingerprint, our retina, our record of existence long after we are gone and what we live for. We all forget the details. Architecture, music, food, fashions, landscaping, and createditems fall victim to idyllic ravages of war, by ignorance or by mere inevitable change and those voices slowly are muffled into silence.

The Van Wert Armory had fallen into disuse and was within one week of being plowed silent onto a pile of red dust. That dust held the memories of guardsmen preparing for the possibility of home invasion, community dances, where young teenagers fell in and out of love, where young athletes brought their basketball team to sweaty victory within walls filled with echoing cheers. Budding art exhibit traditions were born here, gardeners brought their prized blooms and hundreds of couples celebrated the first day of their journey through life together. This building, so much more than an armory then, once again is much more than an art center today and quietly beats the tattoo of community spirit once again.