There is a saying that states it takes a village to raise a child. Likewise, it takes a village to create a community.
This is our renaissance.
...and our time to shine. We’ve seen many changes in the past couple years with local improvements and renovations and witnessing new ways to create an interesting destination spot. There is beauty here and it’s time to share.
Through the Van Wert County Foundation and a commitment to creative placemaking we are about to launch a colorful corner that will turn heads. We have the place, now let’s get creative with it! The new Wassenberg Art Center at the Armory. Click here to learn how you can help by joining the "Art-fitter Army".  Thank you to those companies and individuals who recognize the arts are a major catalyst toward healthy economy and community. Let us know if you want to share our vision by contributing to this crucial local project. 


1st Federal Savings and Loan has funded this 12-foot sculpture by Michael Bendele of nearby Delphos! The sculpture offers visitors a transitional experience from the street to enter and experience art. Thank you for this generous donation. $17,000


Central Mutual Insurance for funding our stage so we can host great regional music! 
Wetzel Motorcycle helping with our sound system so we can hear the great regional music! $5000 


Van Wert Federal Savings Bank for re-habbing the massive steel entry doors! $4000


Thank you Statewide Ford and Andy C. for donating $3000 toward our glass reception window and glass art entry!

Thank you to Wells Fargo Bank Van Wert for their recent general donation of $2000!

Water feature/garden: $1500 Thank you Evergreen Garden Club!