11-Aug-2012 to 05-Sep-2012 

August 11–September 5

Mille Guldbeck & Jens Svendsen: Mille Guldbeck, a graduate of Jutland Fine Arts Academy in Denmark, with an MFA from University of Iowa and degrees in Anthropology, Painting and Printmaking, is an associate professor of Painting at Bowling Green State University. She is represented in high end galleries worldwide. Her husband, Jens Anders Svendsen has a MFA from B.G.S.U and a R.N. in psychiatric nursing. He specializes in drawing and has a background in 3-D and printmaking. His work resides in private collections in the the U.S. and Denmark. Together, they will offer a reflection of the American Garden in this exhibit geared to celebrate the history of the Wassenberg Art Center and will work with ideas of peonies.

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