03-Nov-2016 to 06-Dec-2018 

ArtNight, Now with low-cost featured one-night projects. Thursday nights. Art & Cocktails, what could be better? We open up our doors no admission fee (ever), our cash bar and turn on the tunes. Grab a friend and any project you are working on. It can be a craft, painting, sculpture, whatever you are or feel like creating. Chances are we have probably made many of things you are working on from Pinterest projects to fine art. If we haven't, we are great at figuring stuff out. Gather, relax hang out with friends and make stuff. We're here to help. If you don't know what to make, we can help plan or get you started. If you choose a project you may pay at the time of the class. 

Just want to hang out? You don't even have to make anything. 

Every Thursday evening at 6–9 p.m. We will provide low-cost feature projects which include a glass of house wine. (additional glasses at regular WAC prices). We accept cash, check or credit card.

3/9: Talisman Dream Catcher: Art is about self expression. This won't be a generic dream catcher. Dream catchers were first made by Native Americans to catch good dreams in the wind. Here's chance to make a dream catcher truly your own. Bring in mementos, broken jewelry, buttons, feathers, scraps of cloth, small photos... little things sitting around in trays. (If you are really neat and tidy, we will have items on hand as well) $10 will get you the remaining materials you need to make a personal dream catcher and a glass of house wine. Additional glasses available at regular WAC prices. 

3/16: Watercolor Technique: Learn some simple watercolor techniques! WE have the supplies. We will talk briefly about different kinds of watercolor and some nifty tricks. $8 will get you’re the materials you need work on learning some techniques and a small take home painting or car

3/23: Tisket-Tasket Basket: will feature a quick basket weaving project by award winning basket weaver, Jayne Smith. Just in time for Easter, make your own small basket to use as a gift of to keep for yourself. $12 for your basket and first glass of house wine. Additional glasses available at regular WAC prices.

3/30: Do your own Thang: We're here to help. There will be no featured project but feel free to bring in your own and we will do our best to help or just keep you company! Cash bar. 

4/6: Psychedelic Wine Bottle Light Due to popular demand, we are bringing back our Psychedelic Wine Bottle Light Project. We promise this wine bottle light is quite different and even a tad trippy. A great way to brighten up the winter indoors and can move outside in the summer. $15 gets you a wine bottle, a set of battery lights, all materials and a glass of our house wine. Additional glasses available at regular WAC prices.   

4/13: Town Creek Glow exhibit during the annual Town Creek Live! Make a glowing piece of art! Want to make some glowing art? In conjunction with Town Creek Live, plans for our interactive exhibit: Town Creek Glow is underway. Guests will be able to immerse themselves into a cool darkened gallery where the artwork glows! What makes this experience even more mystical/magical is if you make your own luminary and join in the exhibit! Don’t know how? Come to our workshop during ArtNight and we'll show you! $10 donation to offset costs.


5/11: Take Home a Watercolor! A follow up on the watercolor technique ArtNight, attend tonight and take home your very own watercolor. Our long-time instructor, and watercolorist extraordinaire, Pat Rayman will be hosting our featured project and you will take home an original work of art. $18 includes materials and your first glass of house wine or beer. Additional glasses available at regular WAC prices.



*occasionally we host private events. Please check our calendar. ** for any materials supplied by WAC; nominal donations are appreciated. See the current schedule below.

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